Our Union stands for workers’ rights, justice, and safety on UNC’s campus. We denounce the intimidation tactics of the alt-right members and white supremacists who have targeted, threatened, and harassed a UNC instructor. Please go to this event page for more information on the rally planned tomorrow in support of academic freedom, anti-racism, and workers’ safety from threats and attacks by hate groups.

We are co-sponsoring this rally as a peaceful demonstration of the University worker community’s support for this targeted faculty member, showing that fear and intimidation will not stand on our campus. We ask all participants to be mindful of their safety and that of others; peaceful action is the strongest statement we can make that our campus is no place for threats, intimidation, or reprisals. Consider arriving to and leaving the rally in pairs or groups to avoid being followed and encourage others to rise above hate and intimidation. This is not a venue to physically confront hate groups, but one to demonstrate our collective power to end such attacks peacefully.

White supremacist threats toward UNC faculty are a matter of workplace safety. When UNC instructors are targeted and harassed, we must stand together to demonstrate we are a community united in support of the freedom to learn, discuss, and work in peace.

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