We, the rank-and-file members of the Workers’ Union at UNC, a chapter of UE Local 150, stand in solidarity with thousands of our fellow campus workers on strike in the UC System. As their fellow campus and graduate workers for a public university, we strongly support their demands for pay equity, family-supporting benefits, and improved working conditions across race and gender and other protected classes.

Campus workers are among the most dedicated to students and campus communities yet often we struggle to feed our families and pay our rent. Meanwhile, UC top 1% earners make nine times more than the average frontline UC worker. UC unionized Black workforce has declined by 37% since 1996.

Starting wages for women that work in UC are as much as $2 less than men. For Black patient care women workers, it is a difference of $16,000 less per year.

We applaud AFSCME, CNA, and UPTE-CWA unions for standing strong to protect their pensions and healthcare, to improve wages, and to strengthen their job security. After bargaining in good faith for over a year, UC leadership has failed to address the widening income, racial, and gender disparities that frontline, low-wage workers of UC are living every day. Instead of joining AFSCME, CNA, and UPTE-CWA in the effort to arrest these trends, UC leadership has insisted on deepening them. In a direct threat to workers’ lives and livelihoods, UC leadership has not addressed AFSCME demands to freeze healthcare costs, increase benefits, cease outside contracting of jobs, or strengthen sexual harassment protections, among others.

We encourage faculty, staff, and students of the University of California to put pressure on the UC to support campus workers. Solidarity from North Carolina’s Public Service Workers’ Union!

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