On September 10, 2018, in light of Hurricane Florence’s threat to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, the University determined that it would move to Condition 2 starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday, September 12th and remain in Condition 2 through Sunday, September 16th. While the University encouraged “all students…to leave the Chapel Hill area,” in order to avoid the storm and potentially dangerous conditions, the University’s Adverse Weather Policy continues to endanger campus workers and steal from the personal benefits guaranteed to them as part of the employment contract.

Under UNC’s Adverse Weather Policy, Condition 2 instructs that all non-mandatory employees not report to work. However, they must use available personal leave time– compensatory, vacation or bonus time– for any work time they miss due to adverse weather closings. If the employee chooses not to take personal time to cover the time the University has suspended operations, they must work off-site, choose to take leave without pay for the duration of the time or choose to make up missed time.

Given current and projected weather conditions, non-mandatory UNC employees will be obligated to take at least 2 personal days to cover the time in which the University is closed. In what the University has admitted will be a severe weather event for Chapel Hill, UNC administration and the UNC System are forcing employees to decide between their wages or time off and their safety, rather than demonstrating concern for their well-being. The University is placing their own financial interests before workers’ physical and emotional safety in the face of extreme weather conditions. Further, the policy most impacts shift- or low-waged workers, new or young workers with limited personal time, parents or guardians who must provide child care throughout the adverse weather conditions, or those living in rural areas with limited access to the high-speed internet connections often needed to conduct the most basic work from their home.

The Workers’ Union at UNC, a chapter of UE Local 150, condemns the University of North Carolina’s Adverse Weather Policy and its theft of personal leave time from workers. We demand that the current policies be amended so that all non-mandatory UNC campus workers are granted University-paid time off for the duration of any Condition 2 weather event.

In Solidarity,
The Workers’ Union at UNC

To view the Adverse Weather Policy, visit: https://hr.unc.edu/benefits/leave-holidays/weather-emergency/

System memos regarding the Adverse Weather Policy are here at the bottom of page:https://old.northcarolina.edu/hr/ga/AdverseWeatherandEmergency/index.htm

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