General Philosophy

We are all workers! We make no division between different types of workers (campus or graduate) department, specialization, etc. Democratically and autonomously-run union, by UNC workers of all types, excluding supervisors. This means anyone with the power to discipline or hire workers cannot vote at our meetings.

Our Union 

UE (United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America), is an independent, rank-and-file union. It’s the members who run our union.

UE Local 150 is the NC state local of UE. It has its roots in the housekeepers Union at UNC in the 1990s, who won pay raises, childcare, and job training through their union organizing, and Black Workers for Justice. UE Local 150 organizes public sector workers across the state.

The Workers Union at UNC was reorganized in the winter of 2017. We are a chapter of UE Local 150 and are organizing all UNC workers together for workplace justice.



What is their function?

In order to pursue the various objectives of the Workers Union, people self-organize based on their interests, skills, and availabilities into working committees. You may become involved with any number of committees you like.

What are the current committees?

Campus Worker Recruitment: Planning and implementing campus worker recruitment campaigns and events, and working with stewards for campus workers to address concerns from campus workers.

Graduate Worker Recruitment: Planning and implementing graduate worker recruitment campaigns and events, working with stewards for graduate workers to address concerns from graduate workers.

Media: Creating visuals, graphics, and information for campaigns and events, keeping website and social media up to date and connected, and facilitating new member access to Slack and listserv.

Campaigns: Researching and establishing messaging for the Workers’ Union four main campaigns. Providing background and necessary data essential for tackling campaigns at the Union-wide level.

Solidarity: Plan and organize events on and off campus to increase awareness of union work, workers’ rights, issues close to our workplace, and public-oriented events. Fostering alliances and coordinating events with community organizations relevant to UNC’s workers.

Who are their chairs?

Please ask your Steward or Deputy Steward what the best way to contact committee chairs is. You should also be able to message any chair through Slack once you are connected to that platform. 

Meetings & Structure

General Meetings

Our general meetings are once a month, with the location announced before hand. We establish an agenda and members for committees give written reports back with updates. The meetings are run by different members each time (you are encouraged to volunteer) and uses Robert’s Rules for Discussion.

Committee Meetings

The frequency, location and format of committee meetings may be more variable. Please check with each committee for more information.

For more information contact us!