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Samsung’s art-inspired Frame TV is on sale today for its best price ever

As soon as the new Frame TV models are made available for pre-order, they’re selling for a new all-time low in a variety of combinations until April 5, 2018. (or while supplies last). It’s usually $1,499.99, but Woot has it for $899.99, $100 less than the last low we saw on Black Friday and the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Also, the 65-inch model is on sale for $1,399.99 rather than $1,999, and a year of Samsung’s guarantee is included with both TVs.

Samsung’s art-inspired Frame TV is on sale today for its best price ever

Even while this year’s model has a matte, anti-reflective display, the new 2021 model is meant to show artwork when not in use, making it easier to fit in with your home’s décor. It is possible to use these TVs as Alexa-enabled, 4K TVs that support 120Hz refresh rates and a wide range of streaming applications when they are switched on.

As part of its mix and match promotion, Philips Hue is presently slashing 15% off a variety of popular smart bulbs, ambient light strips, lamps, and other products featured on this landing page. There are three types of products that must be purchased to get the discount: bulbs, ambience and accessories. If you place your order before April 5, you will get a 15% discount on your purchase.

The Hue Bridge, an extra component that enables you to define lighting routines, manage various sceneries, and connect up to 50 lights, is now available in a bundle with two 75W white and colour E26 smart bulbs (usually $89.99). A Gradient Lightstrip of 80 inches may then be thrown in for an additional $50 discount, bringing the total cost to around $280.

When you tally it all up, you’ll save enough money to outfit your house with some nifty smart lights. Using the smart lights, you may alter the white light’s temperature from warm to chilly, and you can also set a timer for each bulb’s operation. You can add a dash of colour to your workplace with Gradient Lightstrips, which are capable of showing an assortment of colours at the same time. If you already have a Zigbee-enabled smart home setup, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Echo, you can use the Hue Bridge to connect your new lights and Lightstrip to it.